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The Grange Trekking Centre






We check our e-mail once or twice a day, and normally reply within 24 hours. During the summer months it might take a bit longer to reply if we are away from the office, possibly out on a trek, cooking a meal, or just organizing all the other things necessary to provide a good service!




About Us

The Grange Trekking Centre was established in 1957 by David Griffiths, a pioneer in this new activity, and his wife Mary. In later years his daughters Jessica and Marieanne were to continue the family business. Sadly David passed away in 2002 and at present the day-to-day running of the centre is done by Mary and Jessica.


We have nearly thirty horses, many of whom have been with us a long time, some are youngsters or companions and all of them are part of the family.

The staff who take out the rides are friendly, cheerful, qualified, and all have first aid training.

The centre is accredited by Wales Trekking & Riding Association, AALA and Visit Wales, and has a yearly inspection with Powys County Council.


We will also do party and family reductions


Balance payable in full less deposit at least 21 days previous to arrival date. Deposit non returnable (transferable). Cheques made payable to "Grange Trekking".


We are sorry that all foreign currencies will have an exchange charge added.


Although riders are covered by insurance, we are under no legal liability, in respect of loss, damage or injury, at the same time every precaution for your safety and welfare will be taken.

Horse riding is classed as a high risk sport and it is advisable to seek independent personal accident insurance if required.


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Contact The Grange Trekking Centre

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We work from home, so you can phone us any day of the week (including weekends) between 8am to 10pm. There are mostly only two of us here and sometimes we do go out! If you cannot get us on the phone, please feel free to email us with your queries, and we will get back in touch as soon as we can.


Let us know what you require and we will quote you a price.

Please ask for current short break offers available.